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Chakra acupuncture wellness centre (r) (cawc) is a Registered Clinic with govt.of india situated at the heart of delhi just 3 km from cantt railway station and 6 k.m. From domestic and international airport.Dr. Anoop kumar is the director of cawc(r) and provides Alternative Health Treatment through Alternative method.We do not take emergency cases.

What is Acupuncture

Modern scientific view about acupuncture.
Slowly and slowly acupuncture is getting integrated into mainstream medicine hence more and more researches are going on in the field of acupuncture from all around the world.
Whether acupuncture work or not is not the matter of concern now .only question which keeps on surprising the scientist is how does it work.
6 effect of acupuncture have been proved by scientist beyond doubt.
1. Analgesic effect
2.sedative effect.
3.homeostatic or regulatory effect
4.immune enhancing effect
5.psychological effect
And the last effect is
6. Motor recovery effect.

All the effect will be discuss in detail in the coming articles .

Out of this homeostatic effect helps in the treatment of slip disc. Blood pressure. cholesterol maintenance etc.
Slip disc which has become a real threat to young and old can be cured using the homoeostatic effect of acupuncture.

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30,000 patients have been treated in the
last 14 Yrs from all around the world by Dr. ANOOP.CAWC (R) is treating various diseases for the last 14 Yrs like back problem, slip disc, anxiety.Read more →
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Reiki is life force energy which can be use to treat any physical,mental or social problem.once learned it is available for rest of life. We organize reiki seminar from Chennai one to grand mastership regularly. Any one can learn it without any problem . it is easy to learn and very easy to apply.Read more →   Astrology is a divine art and science of future telling . Using muhurat to start procedure ensure faster recovery.we always select auspicious muhurat to start remedial procrdures at our center. Try our specialty and u will be surprise to see the result contact us ..Read more →   More than 20,000 patients have been treated in the last
14 years and some of the cases have been documented
and few are shown here as testimonial.these are just
few out of thousands of cases.Read more →

Acupuncture Treatment Duration

Duration of Acupuncture Treatment procedure varies from person to person and case to case. New case may be treated in one sitting while the more chronic and old case may take longer period.

Why Health Alternate

Out of hundreds of alternative health therapies various people use one or two different therapies to treat a problem but we use a combination of therapies and most probably this is the reason we were able to solve those cases which could not be solved by any one. Single or combination of therapies. No system is 100% perfect and that is the reason combination of therapy is better than single therapy.At our center we use combination of various therapies like

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